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A 50% advance of the total cost payable under our proposal is due immediately upon you instructing us to keep with the website design and development. The remaining 50% shall become due when the project is finished to your satisfaction but topic to the terms of the “confirmation of work” and “rejected work” clauses. We keep the accurate not to start any work until the deposit has been paid in full. The advance payment is not refundable if the development work has been started and you terminate the agreement through no liability of ours.

Supply of Materials

You must provide all materials and information required by us to complete the work in agreement with any agreed requirement. Such materials may include, but are not limited to, photographs, content copy, logos and other material. Where there is any delay in providing these materials to us which guides to a delay in the completion of work, we have the exact to enlarge any previously agreed deadlines by a reasonable price.
Where you fail to provide materials, and that prevents the progress of the work, we have the right to invoice you for any part or parts of the work already finished.

Rejected Work

If you decline any of our work within the 7-days evaluate period, or not approve subsequent work executed by us to preparation any points recorded as being unacceptable, and we, acting reasonably, consider that you have been unreasonable in any rejection of the work, we can return to treat this contract as at an end and take measures to recover payment for the finished work.

Search Engines

We do not assure any specific position in search engine results for your website. We execute basic search engine optimization according to present most excellent performance.

Consequential Loss

We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage which you may suffer which is in any way attributable to any delay in performance or completion of our agreement, however that delay arises.


You are responsible for keeping your own backups with respect to your website and we will not be liable for restoring any client data or websites except to the extent that such data loss occurs out of a negligent act or omission by us.

Warranty by you as to ownership of Intellectual property rights

You must acquire all essential permissions and authorities in respect of the use of all copy, graphic images, registered company logos, names and trademarks, or any other material that you supply to us to include in your website or web applications. Shall be the responsibility of the client to ensure and/or verify that the website contents, wordings, structures, graphics, pictures, symbols, images, domain names, domain registration, website services and database and such other things used or put in the use in the developing, working, or functioning of the website or web portal do not result in intellectual property rights violation. All disputes will be under Ernakulum jurisdiction only.


















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